School Of Knocking On Doors

The School Of Knocking On Doors was created on the principle that nothing is impossible, from the need to break patterns, to debunk stereotypes and create new interdisciplinary qualities in practice.

The School is a social movement, the idea of exchanging experiences in order to create new quality of urban space planning. The School run by Iza Rutkowska grows through proliferation – each group of students, after concluding the process of creating space together with its users, continues the processes initiated together or develops new projects based on experience and values gained in practice and shares the skills and ideas with subsequent participants. The School Of Knocking On Doors is devoted to teaching how to initiate and implement, using artistic methods, the social processes that are open to creating spaces in cooperation with their everyday users. Students take part in lectures and exercises on participative art, architecture and experimental urban planning. They carry out performative social studies and form teams that aim to involve people living in a given place in the design process. At a later stage, they become moderators and researchers of the emerging places of integration, as well as socially aware individuals, well-versed in urban regulations, which enables them to create projects stemming from the actual needs of local communities.

The School is open to students with research, social, animation, artistic or design backgrounds, willing to apply them in a real process, and who are open to cooperation as a part of an interdisciplinary team. In each edition a team consisting of up to 15 people, living in or nearby the place where the activities are carried out, is formed. In 2019 the project in Kaunas, Lithuania, scheduled for a minimum of three years, begins. How to apply?

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Would you knock on doors?

Classes are free of charge and the School, based upon Ivan Irving’s philosophy, does not conclude with awarding the participants diplomas, neither does it feature grades or points. It provides the students with invaluable experience and a group of people with whom they can effectively continue to work and create.